CRAM Contact Management

Cram was developed as a gap filler to companies who find it difficult managing their fleet of sales and marketing professionals and achieve conversion. They often  have calendar conflicts issues hosting webinars and meeting prospective customers.

Cram extensively make use of conversion funnel methodology and have stages and analytics for managing the sales and marketing professional team. The inputs from the stage funnel can easily help managers predict the targets and drive the team to convert leads to clients. Cram also gives visibility and connection to salesforce CRM.

Point of Sales

SlickSell – This product light and customizable POS , which makes it a right suite for start-ups. It is easy to customize and deploy in a network environment with less that 10 users. The DB can be scaled to suit upto 20 concurrent users.

SlickSell can be extended to hybrid and private cloud environment too. Our application can run on Windows environment or use mobile lean devices. Our Andriod and Mac versions are used extensively by vegetable resellers, cloth merchants and general stores.

The 24 X 7 support team can assist any issues online.