Integrated LMS – case study

It was most challenging times of lock down when two Army Major Veterans approached Arpus Tech to build a “Learning Management System integration platform” called – a very complex, challenging, secure and affordable e-learning system.

Platform & Software architecture:

Platform is divided into two main functional secured architectural tiers apart from the data tier. The front tier is built using WordPress platform and the middle API tier is built using Node.js to enable smooth integration with highly sophisticated external global LMS & coding platforms providers.

User security was tested satisfactorily during the test-phase for authenticating Single sign-on across all platforms. Over 10 LMS platforms are currently integrated seamlessly and the users have a Single sign-on management experiences across the all external platforms . Extending the affordability, the students who signup on the portal can also enjoy B2C e-commerce membership model for e learning.

build Execution & Timeline

Arpus Tech’s and e Vidyalaya agreed to execute on BRT(Build – Run – Transfer) project execution plan. Use of agile methodologies ensured smooth development process. The developer team and stake holders had frequent,categorical online meetings throughout the development process . The portal had to be launched within 90 working days and Arpus Tech took the challenge by planning out releases in phases. The team also got involved in coordinating with all technical stake holders of the vendor teams and thereby ensuring smooth integration during the software development life cycle using Agile methodologies.

project launch

Arpus Tech was able to power and launch the portal on timeline provided by the stake holders and also been able to support students & teachers to utilize the platform. Building e learning platform took a major further step when independent learning councilors also joined the portals as providers. The platform now also hosts a variety of providers such as career councilors, coaches and workshop conductors.

Our Proud client success story

Integrated e Learning and Management platform envisioned by two retired Army Major Veterans, delivers state of the art international Education System and Coding platform affordably.

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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