pricing model

Arpus Tech has suitable pricing models for software requirements

hourly pricing

We can work best on hourly pricing model if the project architecture and features have not be completely preplanned or rigid. We work on Agile methodologies, which enables us to comfortably extend our service as the customer increases or decreases the scope of development.

Build Run Transfer (BRT)

Arpus Tech BRT is suitable for software requirements that has bigger scale of operations. The model includes software build, running the project for specified time and then transferring the entire project on turnkey basis including the infrastructure and technology to keep the business running.

Arpus Tech will also recruit software technology specialists and train them to maintain the software after the successful transfer. They will be specially trained in technical aspects of the software to independently maintain and run the business logic layer. Turnkey transfer will be documented and seamless, which includes source code intellectual rights and licenses transfer as well.

fixed pricing

Fixed cost model is generally suitable for software requirements, viability, framework and technology that is tight in budget and have fixed software deliverables.

Mock screens and architecture will be presented to the customers and the build will be taken up after approvals of the same the entire project flow and technology. Arpus Tech fixed pricing models are mainly suited for software development companies that outsources the software work to leverage their resource loads.

Offshore development center

We also recruit resources on a monthly model for your specific resource needs. The resource we recruit will be managed directly by the delegates of our clients. Arpus Tech administrates the candidate and ensures that the resource performance is at par to company productivity standards.

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