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We primarily develop products that run as a service in Windows Azure. Our team are experts in Microsoft Visual Studio .net bespoke applications and Microsoft office customization..

C- BRACER ( Complete Planning Solution for Multi level marketing)

A solution that can radically improve planning and calculation efficiency of your downline development.The entire
project consist of 6 modules. The project can be deployed on MS Windows Cloud and the service is available.

C- SLICK (Management For Electronic Service Industry)

This project is intended to network all the company branch offices with HO for efficient business administration.
The Software allows a transparent business environment, which will help managers to take decisions efficiently
without consulting to their subordinates about the production/distribution status. The project has facilities for
remote admin too. Overall it is a state of the art design that enhances productivity and efficiency of the organization

Win Azure Agile Manager

"Windows Azure Agile Project Manager" is tool for agile methodof project management. Our product is most suited
for virtual teams. We utilize the power of cloud computing to manage distributed teams based on Agile principles.


We also develop bespoke applications and Microsoft Office customization using Microsoft Visual studio .net.

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We bring over 15 + years of experience in MS technologies. Our vision is to facilitate Agile management principles using state of art tools built on Microsoft framework. We can keep you updated with special offers and white papers. read more