MS Excel Customization

The application of Excel Templates and Add-ins for Small Business management and analytical requirements has several benefits which are useful to consider when deciding between Excel based and traditional software solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises..

  • Familiarity

  • Most sales/business professionals are already familiar with the Microsoft Excel application. This translates into a faster acceptance and shorter learning curve to users presented with an Excel based solution disseminated within an organization. Customization Customization may be accomplished within the applications themselves or , where application is protected or locked, through separate workbooks and modules that interact with the main application.
  • Scalability

  • The abilities to link formulas and call compiled modules from separate workbooks in Excel make developed solutions scalable to meet growing demands of analytical requirements. As business needs evolve over time, additional functionality can be developed and integrated with the original application.
  • Interoperability

  • With the proliferation of Microsoft Office as the choice for corporate desktop software for many organizations worldwide, Excel based solutions can seamlessly inter operate with other Office applications (including Excel) both within and between organizations.
  • Collaboration

  • For projects and environments where all participants have Excel installed, Excel based solutions can be emailed and/or stored on shared servers for participants to update and contribute to Excel based solutions collaboratively. Collaboration to Excel based solutions can be both data input oriented and actual application development.

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    There are two main approaches when customizing Microsoft Excel

  • VBA
  • VSTO

  • Decision to what is best suited is based on the broad following key functionality and points.

  • Leverage .NET Framework
  • Development Productivity
  • Language features
  • Customization Code Separation
  • Source control
  • Deployment
  • Security

  • I can refer a good website to those who like to know more about Excel VBA.

    Pierre Leclerc, creator of this website and tutorial has worked for 30 years in accounting , finance and Small Business Management. He is certified by Microsoft as an expert in Excel and Access .

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