Are IT cost cuts on your mind ?

Try us, increase efficiency in 1/6th of your current budget.

It is all about cost in IT. Technology is the only domain that is getting cheaper. IT departments are always under pressure to reduce cost and get more efficient.

Have you considered virtual organisation to cut your costs?

“Most Small Business owners complaint that virtual employees can be inefficient though it can reduce costs. Try our solutions using a combination of Microsoft
products and our tailor made products which can increase your profits and efficiency.

Virtualization solutions from Microsoft can lower overall TCO(Total Cost of Operation) and can be implemented to achieve greater flexibility.
Think about a solution that can maintain all your servers from a single interface, manage

even virtual machines running at these servers and manage security from a single point.

Worried about liecense and other structures when using Microsoft products... we have suitable solutions for you and we can reduce TCO upto 1/6 .

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"Microsoft Sales Specialist".
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Microsoft System center suite can manage end to end and free up time The cost of Microsoft solution is approximately 1/6th of total cost of competitor's solutions in the market.

MS Excel/Access Customization

The application of Excel Templates and Add-ins for Small Business management and analytical requirements has several benefits which are useful to consider when deciding between Excel based and traditional software solutions for Small and Medium Enterprises.

“We can develop customized MS Office solutions tailor made to your organization structure, size and further enhance productivity of your distributed team.

We develop tools that facilitate IT management and make the best out of your team. Our products simplify your monitoring tasks and help you manage your IT infrastructure more efficiently. Check our products and services.

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"Virtual Teams and how to build/manage them"
for more tips on working with SME Virtual teams

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